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Green Hills with Blue Sky



  •  Individual Therapy

    The purpose of individual therapy is to bravely and kindly explore patterns of thoughts, behavior and feelings to discover the meaning that sustains them.  Through understanding the patterns in our lives and their meaning, we are able to stop engaging in self-destructive habits, and instead engage healthy habits that promote healing and growth. Some issues may include:

    • Addiction
    • Unhealthy relationships
    • Anger Management
    • Guilt & Shame
    • Depression
    • Anxiety 
  • Couples Therapy

    The purpose of couples therapy is to facilitate communication to achieve the essential love, respect, and understanding that all partners deserve.  As such, the focus is on developing understanding through the practice of exploring both current dynamics and each partner’s family and personal history.  Additionally, communication skills are taught and practiced.  Some issues that couples struggle with are:

    • Intimacy/ trust
    • The expression of anger/ resentment
    • Infidelity
    • Sex
    • Parenting
    • Money


  •  Family Therapy

    The purpose of family therapy is to find solutions to family difficulties in an inclusive systemic way.  The role of “the problem” in examined within the context of the family, and solutions are found by drawing on the family’s strengths.  Some issues include:

    • Children acting out/ parenting
    • Divorce
    • Remarriage
    • Communication/ boundaries
    • Expression of anger/ resentment
    • Stages of life (adolescence, young adulthood, becoming parents, aging parents, etc.)